A Message from Amazon Customer Service

Tara and I are just back from another holiday trip to the US, where we split our time between the artic tundra of Milwaukee (my parents) and the Siberian windstorm of Omaha (Tara’s parents).

It’s great seeing family and friends, but exchanging dreary London for 10 days in snow, wind, and Christmas ‘cheer’ often leaves us yearning for a post-vacation, vacation.

One of my most anticipated presents this year was an Amazon Echo, so when landing back in London I quickly set it up. With sun and swimsuits on my mind, one of my first searches was:

“Alexa, what is the temperature in Mallorca”

To which Alexa replied “I wasn’t able to understand your question”

Strange, since Alexa knew the temperature in London, Dubai, and Chicago, I assumed the word Mallorca just wasn’t being understood.

So I in the Echo companion app and flagged my Mallorca question as not being answered. Within 3 hours I received the response below. It was not only one of the fastest responses I have ever received, but also the most thorough.

I am incredibly guilty of naming and shaming companies I’m not happy with (cough…Tesco…cough) without highlighting exemplary experiences.

In this case Amazon gets a huge amount of credit for its customer service experience. I read Alexa quickly went from 1000 to 7000 search query types, and I’d bet this will increase exponentially with this kind of attention to customer feedback. Thanks for the help Amazon!

Alexa quickly went from 1000 to 7000 search query types, and I’d bet this will increase exponentially with this kind of attention to customer feedback Click To Tweet



On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Amazon.co.uk <cs-reply@amazon.co.uk>

Hello Andrew,

I’m sorry that Alexa is not understanding the word ‘Mallorca’.

To help you, I’ve replicated the same at my end using below command:

“Alexa, what is Mallorca”, and Alexa couldn’t answer.

I’ve also tried with different commands and phrases like “Alexa, Mallorca” and also tried asking via Wikipedia such as:

I asked: “Alexa, Wikipedia”

Alexa replied: “what should i look up”

I asked: “Mallorca”

Even after trying with all different phrases and commands, Alexa couldn’t understand the word ‘Mallorca’.

However, please understand as the device was recently launched in the UK, there are few improvements that are yet to be introduced in the device. Our technical team is working hard to make Alexa more user-friendly.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our notice. We love to hear from our customers on all aspects and I’m glad that you took time to write to us with your valuable feedback.

We are trying to plan a huge update soon which improves Alexa interaction with user and fix few other bugs as well! However, I’ve specially forwarded your message to our Amazon Echo development team for consideration as we make further improvements.

Please be assured, once the feature is implemented or any improvements made in our next updates, we’ll try to notify you through the best medium of notification via software updates.

For the meantime, please extend your patience and co-operation while we work on this.

If you have additional suggestions for improvement, please write back to us.

Thanks for using Amazon Echo.

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