72 hours to Poland


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  • I’m afraid the bus trip to Poland is around 24hrs. Also, in the next 10 days there is no spread greater than 10 pounds on the tickets, usually the weekend tickets being more expensive (meaning the latest she would have to travel would be Monday). The ‘only need x to get home’ and ‘need y to stay in the shelter tonight’ are one of the more frequent scams in London.

    • Well… maybe she was talking a really round about way 🙂

  • Kaska

    It must be really scary to be stuck without money in a big foreign city with no means to go home. Maybe she did lie to you or maybe you helped person genuinely in need? If I was you I would like to think that I did something good by helping this woman.
    There is no support system for one- off circumstances because like with everything there will be people willing to abuse the system…spoiling it for those really in need!! Her embassy should have helped her! Although I can imagine Polish embassy is flooded with people who need this sort of help…

    • Good thoughts, I think most would help people with validated 1-off problems – if it’s just a matter of removing those who abuse the system there must be some smart way of doing this…