Things I’d like to do in 2013

Over the past 10 days I’ve spent 20+ hours in airplanes… the result of living on a different continent from family during the holidays. The vast majority of this time was spent watching movies and reading magazines, but as my mind wandered for the … [Continue reading]

Razor usage tracker

Like most people, at times I come up with what I believe are “bright ideas.” I typically place these ideas safely in an Evernote folder to sit for eternity. This folder now consists of 20+ ideas that to date have not seen the light of day. Well, … [Continue reading]

Friends all around

I have this funny habit while on the tube. Every time the doors open I stick my head out to breath the “fresh” air. Yep… kind of like a dog in a car. There’s no rational explanation for this habit (fresh air + tube = oxymoron), just something that … [Continue reading]

Where’s the McUpsell?

I love McDonald’s sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffins. Not only are they tasty, but with 23g of protein and 430 calories they’re a relatively healthy breakfast and keep me full until lunch (1). My week consists of 2-3 McMuffin stops. I order … [Continue reading]

Complements really do matter

16 entrepreneurs have pitched me in the last 30 hours. 11 of these were f2f and 5 were part of an angel event. It was overload. My head still feels like a form of eggnog that’s just about to harden to start thinking rationally again. Of all these … [Continue reading]

30 today, time to go big time!

Yep, today is my 30th birthday. And I’m thinking there’s no better way to celebrate than start something I’ve always wanted to do – in this case my own blog. At the moment I don’t have really a goal in mind for blogging, so much as a desire to … [Continue reading]