Hey there, I’m Andy – an American (from Wisconsin) living in London with my family (amazing wife and 2 small children) since 2009.

After spending years as an ‘operator’ in the tech industry, around 2018 I transitioned to advising scaling tech companies, investors, and corporates. I try to bring a unique, unbiased perspective when working with leaders to help them operate more effectively, and ultimately scale their businesses.

While my ‘bread and butter’ is leadership, strategy and organizational development, I’ve helped with everything from challenging boards to founder burnout to scaling across 20 countries. I’m the opposite of a know-it-all (a no-nothing?), I use the socratic method and refrain from opinions while asking hard questions with empathy. My approach is to brainstorm extensively, then stack-rank alternatives using thoughtful criteria.  

You can learn more about my background on my LinkedIn

Once in a while I’ll have a thought about tech, startups, rum, or other areas that peak my interest. When I do I’ll write it here on my blog.

Here’s some info for when I’m speaking if it’s helpful