Complements really do matter

16 entrepreneurs have pitched me in the last 30 hours. 11 of these were f2f and 5 were part of an angel event. It was overload. My head still feels like a form of eggnog that’s just about to harden to start thinking rationally again.

Of all these pitches, only one made me smile as I was brushing my teeth just now. In fact, only one made me smile at all.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Instead of rushing into the pitch, this entrepreneur sat down and casually said: “your Linkedin profile really made me smile”. This was followed by something like “it’s great when they show some personality”.

I can appreciate her sentiment, as most Linkedin profile are a combination of corporate BS and spelling mistakes. But really, my profile made her smile? Check it out – it’s scraping the bottom for humor –

But I guess that’s not the point.

I guess the point is this person made me smile while I was brushing my teeth. And along with this smile came a happy memory. And this happy memory is now associated with a person… and a conversation… and a business.

All from one complement.

Not only did this entrepreneur demonstrate she checked me out prior to the conversation (bright idea), she succeeded in being the 1 out of 16 I am certain to remember. I’m also be very inclined to reply quickly to her followups, connect her with other investors, and in general lend a hand however I can.

I’m not saying everyone should have the goal of flattering their local VC. But I am saying a small but unique differentiator can go a long way. Whether it be a way of speaking, a crazy shirt, or a complement – bringing something unique to the table is always the way to go.

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