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Startupbootcamp global team

(above – the Startupbootcamp Global team!)

I’m just back from 2 days of startup CEOs sharing and learning from each other during Startupbootcamp’s alumni CEO gathering in Berlin.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

It was a great time. Founders Centric led my favorite session about ‘growth hacking’ – which I realized is simply clever ways to gain users without paying for marketing.

The tip from this session that stuck in my mind wasn’t growth hacking specific – it was that growth hacking only works if you find a repeatable process to execute. For example, when creating content (blogs, videos, etc.) Jordan from Founders Centric suggested:

A) Separate ideation and creation into different events
B) Set aside designated times for each activity

Where’s the big picture?

Since joining Startupbootcamp early 2013, I’ve committed most of my waking hours to building the organization. Any free time goes to a combination of being with Tara, exercising, and RumRatings.

Last week I talked with a Startupbootcamp board member about my performance. His feedback was I’ve been executing well and now need to think more strategically about where Startupbootcamp is heading.

For me (and I expect most of us) finding time to reflect and plan is difficult. Since moving to London 4 years ago the only times I can recall thinking about the bigger picture is when I’m blogging.

It’s all about commitment

So I’m doing some growth hacking myself and now twice a week scheduling time in my calendar for blogging – specifically 9am Monday and Friday mornings.

If you can believe it, there are 84 notes piled up in my Evernote folder ‘Blog posts I should write’ – so the content creation part shouldn’t be difficult. When I run out I’ll need to set aside ideation time as well, but for now it’s straight to the writing.

I’m excited to see if writing 8 blog posts this month changes my perspective and strategic mind frame. I know one person asked for automatic emails of my blog posts – so to that person… if you don’t get an email every Monday and Friday for the next month, a swift kick in the ass would be helpful! 🙂

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