I’m now a Quoraian, hear me ROAR!!!


Wow the past few months have seriously flown by… so many places to be and so little time. It sure does help my trips are to Istanbul, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dublin, and many other fun cities!

Fear not, even though I haven’t posted on my blog I am still writing occasionally. Here’s something I wrote on Quora yesterday (1) as a response to the following question:

“Why do new entrepreneurs feel that they cannot make it without participating in an accelerator program? Isn’t being an entrepreneur about succeeding against all odds?”

Check out my answer here, and if you likey feel free to upvote: http://buff.ly/1tbWtuy

(1) Yes it took some badgering from Cami who leads SBC’s social media… guess I owe her a thanks 🙂