The open job spec

For years I’ve held a core believe that job seekers should apply to a variety of positions, even if they aren’t necessarily “qualified” for them. This isn’t to say a recent grad is ready to become a fortune 500 CEO, but in my opinion most job specs … [Continue reading]

No trust, no sale

Selling is often considered an art form. It takes no less than the most fine-tuned of inter-personal skills and a precise focus on value. But value is in the eye of a beholder, and to truly sell (I'm told) requires the innate skill to first … [Continue reading]

The interaction of academia and business

I recently met well known author and professor John Mullins – who not only accepted my blind lunch invitation, but was nice enough to invite me to the LBS faculty dining room (best lunch I’ve had this year). After sharing our backgrounds, the … [Continue reading]

What’s up with mentorship?

I’m a big fan of Bob Cringely’s blog – he’s been a writer in the Valley for years and witnessed the manic rise first hand. Bob recently wrote a post spurred by a student commenting on the lack of mentorship in their home country of Russia. I … [Continue reading]

Product first, Business fast

How would I describe myself if raising a funding round? Here’s a typical boilerplate: “MBA with 5 years of startup operational experience and investment roles with leading accelerator and family office.” (I know, super lame) I’ve recently spoken to … [Continue reading]

Viva Colombia!

Tara and I have made our way back to London after spending an amazing 10 days in Colombia. Much of this fantastic experience was due to our friends Juan and Natalia, who graciously guided us through their home country – they were truly the best hosts … [Continue reading]

Rise of the walking meeting

Remember back in the day when standing meetings were so hip? For a while now I’ve been think about how my life has turned into a non-stop series of static meetings in either conference rooms or coffee shops. Nothing is original, the air is stale, and … [Continue reading]

When lines are bridges

I was lucky enough to recently attend the TechStars London launch at No 10 Downing St. along with many of the UK’s most well known investors (Yep, I felt like a gate-crasher). Following the TechStars/Springboard merging announcement, a roundtable … [Continue reading]

Things I’d like to do in 2013

Over the past 10 days I’ve spent 20+ hours in airplanes… the result of living on a different continent from family during the holidays. The vast majority of this time was spent watching movies and reading magazines, but as my mind wandered for the … [Continue reading]

Razor usage tracker

Like most people, at times I come up with what I believe are “bright ideas.” I typically place these ideas safely in an Evernote folder to sit for eternity. This folder now consists of 20+ ideas that to date have not seen the light of day. Well, … [Continue reading]