Razor usage tracker

Razor usage tracker

Like most people, at times I come up with what I believe are “bright ideas.” I typically place these ideas safely in an Evernote folder to sit for eternity. This folder now consists of 20+ ideas that to date have not seen the light of day.

Well, my bright idea for today was to post these ideas on my new AndyinLondon blog. This way there’s an off chance some entrepreneur will be in the position to pursue said idea. So here goes nothing…

The Razor Usage Tracker

I hate shaving. The hairs on my neck grow in crazy directions, and inevitably I walk away bleeding from most shaving encounters.

Electric razors work well on my face, but I’ve found a standard 2-blade razor is best for my neck. It’s not full-proof, but the first 3-4 razor uses I walk away relatively nick-free.

The problem – if I use a razor more than 5 times, I start bleeding profusely (believe me, it’s bad).

I try my best to remember how many times I’ve used a razor, but seeing as I shave every 2-3 days this requires me to track my shaving for over two weeks. What typically happens is I only throw a razor away when I bleed excessively – I’m guessing this averages the 7th or 8th shave.

The solution – a simple way to track my razor usage. I could envision this “tool” would be able to attach to any razor and include a simple counting mechanism up to say 10 uses (some people use razors longer than I do).

I’m actually surprised manufacturers don’t just design an integrated razor tracking system. Brita does for their water filters – in essence two stickers. I for sure change my water filter more often because of the sticker. Wouldn’t the razor manufacturer sell more razors if users were reminded to change often.

So, there’s my first bright idea – a simple way to track razor usage. It might not change the world, but it’s surely a problem that I would be willing to pay for a solution (and am guessing others do as well).

My neck awaits your brilliant solution to this problem…

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