The Components of Speed

I’ve always noticed speed varies drastically from company to company. Some are amazingly efficient, while others meander (or worse).

Recently, a founder asked me to help significantly increase their company’s speed. After a few conversations, we distilled the issue to focus and accountability. Basically, cut activities that don’t directly create value and stop accepting mediocre results.

I wonder, are focus and accountability the key drivers of speed at any company?

Are there other components of speed I’m missing? Do most companies consider how specifically to increase execution speed?

One aspect may be the mentality of team members; maybe some inherently execute faster and this company just has slow people? Or can anyone be fast when key company and leadership components are in place?

Basically, I’m left with more questions than answers. But I’m pretty confident speed is a leading indicator of a company’s success.

(1) Surprisingly it was a first-time request… seeing as how common the issue is

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